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Study update

So the last 3 days have been quite hectic and I haven’t felt this exhausted in a very long time. I suppose that’s just the way things are when it’s time for your exams.
Anyway, despite being super tired I have been studying diligently. Most of my studying haven’t changed but I did successfully finish  어린 왕자 yesterday, and I am so incredibly happy that I decided to give it a try. I didn’t feel lost and even though I spent way too much time on looking up words, I still finished it a lot faster than I thought was possible. 아싸!
It just feels like such an accomplishment! After this post I’ll watch another episode of 사랑하는 은동아 and if everything goes as planned tomorrow, then I’ll start reading 크리스마스 개럴. I haven’t made any goals with this one as I seem to read more than planned anyway, and these chapters are a lot longer, so I’m not sure what goal to set.

I have an exam paper that I need to finish before Sunday. My goal is to finish it by Friday and if I succeed then I’ll be taking two TOPIK mock tests over the weekend. I want to see if I have made any progress since the last test, but I also want to try a TOPIK 2 test. It’ll be my first try with TOPIK 2, so I’m sure it’ll be interesting 😉
I’ll also be reviewing a lot during this weekend and hopefully write an essay. That’s my extra goals for the week.
I’m looking forward to the 18th when my classes ends, and I’ll have a lot more time on my hands.

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